Clinical Photodynamics

Volume 2 Number 7, Autumn 2011

Volume 2 Number 6, Spring 2011

Volume 2 Number 5, Summer 2010

Volume 2 Number 4, Spring 2010

Volume 2 Number 3, Winter 2009

Volume 2 Number 2, Summer 2009

Volume 2 Number 1 Spring 2009

Volume 1 Number 12 Winter 2008

Volume 1 Number 11 Summer 2008

Volume 1 Number 10 Spring 2008

Volume 1 Number 9 Winter 2007

Clinical Photodynamics is the official newsletter of I-PDT and an independent publication dedicated to furthering international awareness and information about all aspects of photodynamic therapy. It is sent, free of charge, on request, to healthcare professionals with an interest in photodynamic therapy and/or fluorescence detection. To join the mailing list of Clinical Photodynamics, please complete the application form published in each issue, or e-mail your details to:

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Writing for Clinical Photodynamics

The Editorial Board of Clinical Photodynamics welcomes articles form the readership on PDT and PDT-related meeting reports for possible publication. For information on submission of material for potential publication in Clinical Photodynamics, please contact the publishers at:

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